Fleischmarkt Vienna in the 1960s

This is a picture of the street called Fleischmarkt in Vienna which was taken sometime in the 1960s. When I first saw the scanned image I had no idea where the picture was taken, but a search on google for Greichen Beisel which is shown in the centre of the picture lead me to several hits for Vienna. When I looked on Google maps at the location I was astounded to find that it was absolutely spot on!

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1960 - 1969

Fleischmarkt Vienna in the 1960s

The Location of this picture is shown below
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  1. nic pic, must be late 60ies, as the maroon Peugeot 504 was launched in Sept 68, other cars from l to r: Opel Kadett B, Skoda 1000MB and VW Beetle (67onw.)

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