6 thoughts on “Found Film

  1. Hi. I am about to dump hundreds of 35mm colour slides. I hoped I might be able to donate them to someone who would make good use of them. Are you such an organisation that would be interested in making good use of these slides? Please let me know if you are interested in taking them away from me.
    Kind regards
    Ryszard Starzec.

    1. Hi – normally I’d be very happy to take the slides off your hands but a couple of months ago I received a donation of about 40,000 slides and I simply don’t have the space at the moment to take them. I’ll leave the comment on the site because you may find someone else will respond to your generous offer.


  2. Dear Ryszard, I would be interested in the slides. I help with a small group for young photographers. However, if you no longer have these, or others have already acquired these, then that is fine! Best wishes, Jaden

  3. Hi,
    I recently bought a slide projector and included was a collection of slides from India/SE Asia. They’re great photos but we have no use for them; we don’t want to throw them away so wondered if you would accept them as a donation? There are only 32 slides so it’s a very small collection. I can see that earlier in the year you had no capacity for extra donations but please let me know if this is something you’re now interested in.
    Kind regards,

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