St Mary’s Church Warwick from Church street in about 1950

St Mary's Church Warwick in about 1950

An old Ilford colour slide of the Church of St Mary in Warwick which dates from around 1950.

When I first saw this picture I didn’t have a clue whereabouts it was, but one of the signs¬†hanging from a shop looked as if it has ‘of Warwick’ on it, and sure enough, when I did a search for Warwick church on google images, there it was.

There is no date on the actual slide mount, so the date I’ve put on it is my guess, but it must be sometime around 1950. The cars and the clothes the pedestrians are wearing suggest it can’t be much later than that. The time of year is probably in the summer months judging by the green trees, but the one concrete piece of information we have regarding the date is that this picture was taken at 3:02 pm.

The picture shows cars parked and a small number of people walking along Church Street with the war memorial on the extreme right-hand side of the picture where a man and a small child are walking. The trees on the right form the boundary to the graveyard.

The actual picture is quite faded and has spots of dirt and fungus on the emulsion – it may clean, but I’m reluctant to try on a slide this old.

Photo categories : Car|Church|Town or CityDate Picture Taken: Unknown
St Mary's Church Warwick in about 1950

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