The Mansion House in York, 1975

The Mansion House in York, 1975

A picture of the Mansion House in York taken in October 1975.

This building is currently closed, and the modern-day google street view from this location shows it with scaffolding and plastic sheeting, so I suspect that it has been sold to a business and will probably (could already have) open as a Pizza restaurant or something similar. The house was originally built as the home of the Lord Mayor of York, although I don’t know if it served that purpose in 1975 when this picture was taken.

I image itself is slightly underexposed, and suffers very slightly from camera shake although that is only really noticeable when the image is zoomed in Lightroom, so it’s not really an issue.

Photo categories : Car|Public Building|Town or CityDate Picture Taken: 01 Oct 1975
The Mansion House in York, 1975

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  • The Mansion House in York, 1975

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