A picture of a bearded man rowing a dingy close to the beach.

This picture seems to be taken in the same location as the picture of a boy sitting on the edge of a boat, so I’ve joined them as a series. In this picture, the tide seems to be in, and a man is rowing the boat on a parallel course close to the water’s edge. Although the general location is the same, in this picture the beach huts in the background are positioned differently, so I assume this picture was taken slightly along the beach.

This also is an Ektachrome slide, taken on 127 format colour slide film.

Photo categories : Beach|Boat|SeascapeDate Picture Taken: Unknown
A man rowing a dingy close to the beach

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  • A boy sitting on a dingy on a beach
  • A man rowing a dingy close to the beach
  • A man sitting on a boat on a beach

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