The Kapellbrucke bridge in Lucern c1960

The Kapellbrucke bridge in Lucerne c1960

This is a high-quality picture of the Kapellbrucke bridge in Lucern, Switzerland which was taken in about 1960.

This is the second picture of the Kappellbrucke bridge that has been posted on Found-film (which made finding the location much easier), but I believe this picture is the earlier of the two. It is a glass mounted, 120 medium format slide which I acquired as a set from eBay and although I don’t know the date for certain, many of the pictures in the set have fashions which suggest they were taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Regarding the picture itself, the photographer has positioned themselves well, and it’s resulted in a well composed, nice image. Unfortunately, there are some marks due to dirt on the film, which it may be possible to remove, but this slide is taped together and I’m a bit reluctant to break the seal.

If the location is compared to the modern-day street view image, there are a lot of similarities, even down to the flowers on the end of the bridge – mind you, the bridge has been there since the 13th century and although it will have seen many changes around it, I doubt the bridge itself has changed much at all over all those years.

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The Kapellbrucke bridge in Lucerne c1960

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