The Town of Ponte Tresa in Switzerland in about 1961

This is a picture of the Swiss town of Ponte Tresa which was taken in 1961.

I found the general location because it was written on the slide mount by the photographer who took the photo on Kodachrome all those years ago. The date is actually shown in the picture – the large banner across the road is advertising the XXXII Gran Premio d’Italia and I found this page which describes what this is. Once I’d read that page I then found that the date is actually on the top of the banner as well! So I can say with some certainty that this picture was taken in late August or Early September 1961.

The picture seems to have been taken in late afternoon judging by the shadows and the colour of the light. It shows a view down the street with a man on a bike, a car or two and that iconic 1960s mode of transport – a scooter. Although it’s difficult to see on the size of picture below, the scooter is actually carrying a couple – I can see behind the rider a girl sitting side saddle – that can’t have been safe!

Although I have the general location I haven’t been able to pin it to a particular street, so if anyone does that please let me know and I’ll update the map location.

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The Town of Ponte Tresa in Switzerland in about 1961

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