Cussins & Light Ltd, York in the 1970s

This slide shows a picture of the centre of York sometime in the 1970s. In the background of the picture you can see the two towers of York Minster, and in the foreground is a Radio & Television shop¬†called Cussins and Light Ltd. Although this was a thriving business at the time and had premises in nearby villages as well as York itself, it is now closed and in those premises in the modern King’s Square in York is a Boots Pharmacy.

The picture was captured on Boots colour slide film, which was very popular in the 1960s and 70s as Boots were a major supplier of photographic equipment to amateur photographers. This slide has survived the intervening years rather well and shows good colour and definition. The out of focus area on the left hand side is almost certainly a problem with the lens in the camera which was used to take the picture rather than the film itself.

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  1. I started to work for Cussins and Light Ltd on 1st January 1962. For the first 4 years I worked in the radio stores attached to the service department in Walmgate YORK. After that I was promoted to the radio department at the Kings Square shop in the middle of York and in 1968 I was made manager of the newly acquired Shop in the small local town of SELBY (GOTCH OF SELBY LTD )

  2. I worked for Cussins and Light Ltd, I started in 1962 on the 1st of January working in the radio stores at Walmgate. I was promoted to the radio studio at the Kings Square shop in 1965 . After that I was made manager of the newly acquired shop in the small market town of Selby.

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