A portrait of what appears to be two servicemen standing outside a wooden building.

The man on the left seems to be wearing an RAF uniform, although Mike in the comments below, points out that the cap badge is not British and could be possibly Swedish or Norwegian. The man on the right seems to be in less formal wear or possibly in uniform but sans tie – both the men are smoking, although in 1961 this is hardly surprising.

I wonder what story this picture tells? My initial thoughts were that these could be prisoners of war but I can’t think that would be the case in 1961 – any suggestions would be gratefully received in the comments section below.

Photo category : PortraitDate Picture Taken: 01 Apr 1961
Two servicemen

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One thought on “Two servicemen by a wooden building – April 1961

  1. Mike PENRITH says:

    The man’s cap badge doesn’t look British as the crown could be European, Swedish or Norwegian?

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