This picture has been captured on Kodachrome film and was taken on 31st January 1954.

It shows a man reaching for the door handle of his snow covered car, and on the slide mount is written, “Ray Beard in St Rapheal The Riviera?”. Assuming this is the location, and ignoring the misspelling, it must have been quite an unusual occurrence to have snow that far south in France even in January. I did a google search but couldn’t find any reference to large snow falls in that area in 1954 so possibly the writing doesn’t refer to the location, or it is a more common occurrence than I would imagine.

It would be difficult to find the exact location from the picture – there could be thousands of doorways that look the same, although there looks like a banner or writing across the left hand side of the door so possibly a better scan may reveal some more information.

Photo categories : Car|Portrait|SnowDate Picture Taken: 31 Jan 1954
Snow covered car - Jan 1954

The Location of this picture is shown below

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  1. Mike PENRITH says:

    Citroen 2CV

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