A picture of a trawler called Steadfast Hope FR43 on its way through a lock. In this picture the front of the boat seems to have suffered some sort of damage with quite a lot of crumpling around the sides of the ship and the bow.

This picture was taken on Kodachrome film in September 1980.

Photo categories : Boat|RiverDate Picture Taken: 01 Sep 1980
Fishing boat Steadfast Hope FR43

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  • Steadfast Hope FR43 no 2
  • Fishing boat Steadfast Hope FR43

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One thought on “The trawler Steadfast Hope FR43 pictured in September 1980

  1. Steve says:

    It looks like this was taken whilst it was negotiating one of the locks along the Caledonian Canal.
    A little more info here as to the trawlers ultimate fate: http://trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=18811

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