Snapshot of Singapore street through a car window, 1960s

A picture taken through a car or bus window at a street in Singapore as the photographer passed by.

I think the vehicle the photographer was in must have been stationary because the cycle was obviously moving away when the picture was taken and since the bike is blurred if the photographer was moving the other objects in the photograph would also be blurred. Possibly, they are stopped in traffic at the end of the road. It is interesting to see the box of Outspan Oranges in the picture – it’s a reminder that some products have been in existence for years!

Read the very interesting comments from Ken below about the view from the window.

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Town or City
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1960 - 1969

Snapshot of Singapore street through a car window, 1960s

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2 thoughts on “Snapshot of Singapore street through a car window, 1960s

  1. Thats a funeral procession on the left. The few people walking behind the lorry are sending their loved one off. They will walk, following the coffin for a few hundred metres before boarding the second lorry which will bring them tovthe cemetary. The very large item covered with flowers on the lorry covers the coffin. The cyclist is wearing a police constable’s uniform.

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