Fruit and veg seller in Singapore

This is a picture of a fruit and veg seller in a market in Singapore and was taken by an officer in the RAF who was stationed at the RAF base in Seletar in Singapore. I don’t know if the lady on the floor is part of the stall above her, or is a separate, unconnected seller. It is interesting to see that the stall she is leaning against is on wheels – I assume it was moved into place at the start of the day and taken home later, but someone who knows more (or who was there at the time) would be able to give a more accurate answer.

The picture is good quality because it was taken on 127 medium format, colour slide film and was properly exposed.

Although I’m not certain of the date, the other pictures in the series seem to be around the mid 1960s and I suspect this is a similar date.

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estimate 1960 - 1969

Fruit and veg seller in Singapore market 1960s

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