Opening Christmas presents in 1965

Picture of a young girl, probably a teenager, opening a present.

This picture has been exposed for the light from the window behind the girl, rather than for the actual girl’s face, so it is a bit under exposed and I had to slightly compensate for that after I’d scanned it. That is why the grain is a bit more visible in the picture than would be the case if it had been exposed for the girl. To the side of the girl, sitting in the shadows is an older man, probably her grandfather, who is watching her opening her present, and to the immediate left we can see an arm which looks as if it is also cradling a present, so I suspect this is a picture from Christmas.

When I first saw the picture I thought that there were billboards outside the house but on closer inspection, I think there are religious prints fixed to the windows as Christmas decorations.

It is an Ektachrome slide and since it is dated Jan 1966, this is probably from Christmas 1965.

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Opening Christmas presents in 1965

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