Girl on beach taking a photo

In this picture a young woman is standing on a beach with a 35mm camera to her eye taking a photograph. From the angle the photo is taken it’s not possible to see the camera she is holding which, from the point of view of a camera collector, is a bit of a shame.

The date of this picture is unknown, but the hat the girl is wearing looks very 1960s or 70s so I suspect this picture was taken around that period.

This picture is on a slide which has the name Perutz written on it. I assumed this would be the manufacturer of the mount only, but a bit of research finds that Perutz was a manufacturer of film. This link shows some more information about this film and interestingly this film seems to have been available from the early 1960s through to the mid to late 1970s which also confirms the date of this picture to within that range.

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