The Lion’s mound at the battle of waterloo site

The Lions Mount monument in Belgium

One of the interesting things about looking at found film is trying to work out what the object in the picture is – sometimes it’s easy and obvious but other times it isn’t obvious at all and this is one of those times. On the face of it this is just a picture of a hill in the distance with what looks like a monument on top. But – is it more than that? Is there some hidden meaning that is now lost? Or is it just a boring picture which someone took to finish off a roll of film – we will probably never know.

This is on a red border Kodak Kodachrome, so probably taken sometime in the 1950s.

Update: Bruce, who regularly contributes information to the Found-Film challenges and photos has identified this as The Lion’s Mound, which is located on the Battle of Waterloo battlefield. Well done Bruce, and thanks very much for your contributions to naming and locating these pictures!

Photo categories : Public Building|Residential PropertyDate Picture Taken: Unknown
The Lions Mount monument in Belgium

The Location of this picture is shown below

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