These are a fascinating series of pictures of a sailor and his wife or girlfriend taken aboard and around the US warship USS Providence CLG-6. Although the date isn’t marked on these medium format 127 slides, the wikipedia article linked above states that the ship got the CLG-6 classification in 1957 so these picture post date that, and I would guess are sometime in the 1960s.

Photo categories : Boat|Family or GroupDate Picture Taken: Unknown
USS Providence CLG-6

This photo features in a series. Click any picture below to see it.
  • USS Providence CLG-6
  • USS Providence bridge
  • Sailor and Wife on board USS Providence
  • Sailor and Wife by USS Providence
  • USS Providence and crew
  • Hang out the washing
  • Sailor in Boot Camp
  • A Family Snapshot
  • Two Sailors

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