Screen shot from 8mm home movie of Germany and the Rhine 1961

8mm film of Germany and the Rhine 1961

Following on from my last post, this post features another 8mm home movie which in this case was taken in Germany and along the RhineRead More

Home movie of Bruges 1957

Home movie of Bruges taken in 1957

This post marks a significant event in the history of the found-film site – instead of featuring a colour slide or negative I’ve found, itRead More

Views around Australia - Skyline of Sydney at night

Some views around Australia from the 1950s

I’ve found it a bit difficult keeping the blogs I run up to date over the last few months because life has rather got inRead More

Orwo Colour Slides - Engine Charles at Penrhyn Castle Museum

A set of Orwo colour slides

While I was sorting through a set of 35mm colour slides a couple of days ago I found a small set of plastic slides withRead More

Crich Tramway Museum

Crich Tramway museum video on Found Film

When I started the Found-Film web site a couple of years or so ago, it was to show images I had found in film leftRead More

kodachrome red border colour slides - Women and children on a beach

Some Kodachrome red border colour slides from the 1950s

This week I bought a small collection of Kodachrome red border colour slides, which were all taken in the early 1950s, and I wanted toRead More

Macro photos on film - Dragonfly

Macro photos on film I’ve discovered

This post features some photographs I’ve found in my collection of colour slides over the last few months which have a subject matter in common.Read More

Pictures of Oxford - University Church

Pictures of Oxford in 1981

The gallery below shows a set of medium format pictures of Oxford which I found in a collection of slides I bought last week. ThereRead More

A Fine old Bentley Mark IV car parked on  the roadside

Collecting colour slides as a hobby

It’s been about a year now since I started collecting colour slides and in that time I’ve formed a few systems and ideas for storingRead More

Images from Soviet era Leningrad - The fountains of Peterhof

Images from Soviet era Leningrad in 1957

Last week I posted some Images from Soviet era Moscow which I’d found as part of a collection of medium format slides I’d purchased. ThisRead More

Images from Soviet Era Moscow - The Kremlin - 1957

Images from Soviet era Moscow

I recently acquired a collection of medium format colour slides which had been taken by someone who travelled or visited on holiday several different EuropeanRead More

Pictures of Spain from 1955 - Terrace on the Hotel S. Christinia Spain 1955

Pictures of Spain from 1955

The big find at found-film this week is a collection of 35mm colour slides in three small cardboard boxes which contain pictures of Spain fromRead More

Views around Europe - Back Canal Venice in Italy, 1982

Views around Europe from the 1970s and 80s

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to pick up some medium format colour slides showing views around Europe which had been takenRead More

Anscochrome Film - The mountains with cars in the foreground

The look of Anscochrome film

This is another in my occasional series which looks at a vintage film emulsion and tries to show what it would look like if theRead More

Views of New York - The Statue of Liberty

Views of New York from the 1950s on slide film

A few days ago I was lucky enough to win an auction on Ebay for a couple of large boxes full of medium format, KodakRead More

Perutz slide film - girl on a sailing boat

The look of Perutz slide film

This is another in the occasional series I’m running which highlight a particular vintage film emulsion to try to show how it looked when itRead More

Medium format negatives - Woman with Ford Cortina in the 1970s

Medium format negatives from a professional photographer?

A few weeks ago I bought a set of about 200 medium format negatives on Agfacolor film from a seller on eBay for a fewRead More

Using the Challenge Zoomed view

Are you up for a Challenge?

Since I started the found film site a year or so ago, I’ve discovered a new interest as I’ve scanned and processed the old imagesRead More

A Group on a boat

Medium format, glass mounted slides around Europe

This week I found my best find yet for Found-Film – a set of medium format, colour slides in very good condition, which were takenRead More

Boats on the shore of a Swiss Lake

Some fantastic Swiss photos in a tatty case

This week I bought a fantastic set of Kodachrome slides taken in Switzerland in the early 1960s which came in one of the worst conditionRead More

Eilean Donan Castle from the shore

Pictures of Eilean Donan Castle from 2002

The Eilean Donan Castle is situated on the West coast of Scotland, near the Isle of Skye and is a common subject for photographers becauseRead More

Views of Dunbar - the lifeboat

Views of Dunbar harbour from my slide set of Scotland

I wrote a post last week about an amazing set of 35mm slides I managed to pick up which showed various views about Scotland takenRead More

The look of Ilford film - on the quay side

The look of Ilford slide film after 50 years

In this, the first of a series of posts, I’m attempting to show the look of a film emulsion which is now unfortunately lost toRead More

Cleaning old 35mm slides - Dirty glass-mounted slide

Cleaning old 35mm slides

One of the things which is a common curse with film photography is dirt and dust and this is particularly the case with old colourRead More

Pictures of Ayres Rock - Iconic Image

Some Pictures of Ayres rock in Australia

Although I’d love to go to Australia, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever actually make the trip, but one of the good things about collectingRead More

Ullapool seashore

Views of Scotland on Kodak film from 1967

This week’s big find on the Found Film site is a box of colour slides taken in 1967 which show many views of Scotland. IRead More

Photos of RAF Seletar - Entrance to base

Photos of RAF Seletar from the mid 1960s

This post is about a set of colour slides I bought which contained a slice of history in the form of some photos of RAFRead More

Autumn Trees

Welcome to the Found Film archive

I want to say a big welcome to anyone who has discovered the Found Film site – a home for lost pictures,  and say aRead More

Ferrania and Ilford colour slides

A box of colour slides for a fiver?

A couple of weeks ago I found an ad on eBay for an old 35mm slide box complete with about 100 colour slides and startingRead More