Beautiful photos of Saint Mark’s square, Venice, circa 1955

All the photos in this ‘Snapshots in Time‘ post were taken in Saint Mark’s Square, Venice on a sunny day in the mid 1950s.

I can’t say for certain when that was, because the Kodachrome colour slides they were captured on have no processing date, but the design of the cardboard slide holder, with its distinctive red border and the words, ‘Kodachrome’ Transparency, certainly suggest sometime in the mid 1950s.

This is not the first time photos of Saint Mark’s Square have appeared on Found Film – it’s a very popular tourist destination, and was even more so in the 1950s – there are also 8 mm films taken in the same location which I’ve published on Found Film’s Sister site, Vintage home movies.

Photos of Saint Mark’s Square, Venice from the mid 1950s

The photos are all in the main well exposed and composed, and because they were taken on Kodachrome have retained all their clarity and colour.

There are a few instances of camera shake (or possibly motion blur) noticeable in some photos, so I would guess that the shots were all taken hand held. With the 1950s brand of Kodachrome being only ASA 10 speed1, that would have resulted in quite low shutter speeds if the aperture was set to a standard, ‘snap-shot’ aperture of something like f/8, so that’s not surprising.

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