Views and Scenes from Lake Garda in Italy – October 1993

This post is going to feature a series of Kodachrome colour slides which were taken in the area around Lake Garda in Italy in the month of October 1993. They were all taken by the same photographer and are part of a huge collection of 35mm slides which have recently been donated to the found-film project.

Lake Garda Slides

The lady who took these photos was an avid photographer who obviously loved her craft because on this one trip to the lake she took 20 rolls of Kodachrome film. In fact, she may have taken more because these photos were all boxed together and listed as ‘Lake Garda’ – it’s possible there are other photographs of Italy which were taken on the same trip and which I’ve yet to discover in the many donated boxes.

20 rolls of film at 36 exposures per roll comes out at just over 700 individual photos, so as you can imagine I’ve needed to be quite selective in order to reduce the number to a reasonable set for a blog post. In a way the photographer helped with this aim, because her main interest seemed to be architecture and landscapes which I don’t tend to publish in the ‘Snapshots in Time‘ series. Although landscapes and architecture do feature in the archive, I try to make this series of posts more about social history (i.e. people, towns, transport etc).

The photos of Lake Garda from 1993 I selected

The photos below are the ones I eventually selected to be representative of the trip. I suspect over the course of time I’ll add more photos to the archive, and when I do I may include some of them in this post.

As you would expect considering there were over 700 images to choose from there are a variety of different subject areas covered in these pictures. Although as I said above I’ve tried to mostly cover the social history theme that ‘snapshots in time’ is designed to cover, there are also some purely scenic images as well.

Obviously the photographer made the most of the trip and visited a lot of the area around the actual lake to take in, amongst other things, a local brewery.

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