Dalmally Railway Station – April 1963

This Kodachrome colour slide shows a view of Dalmally railway station in Scotland, with the mountains in the background, and was taken in April 1963. As is often the case with Kodachrome slides, the colours are very clear and definition good – Kodachrome seems to age better than many other emulsions.

The actual subject matter of the picture seems to be the signal box at the end of the platform rather than the actual station building – at least that is what I think the smaller building is. Modern pictures of the station show fences up to the signal box which shields the land behind it, but on this picture we can see there were a variety of sheds and building, at least some made with the iron panels from war time Nissen hut shelters. I wonder if the pink colour of the seat shown on the platform area is accurate? It could be a colour balance problem with the film, although the snow on the mountains in the background seems quite white.

Photo categories : Mountains|Public Building|TrainDate Picture Taken: 01 Apr 1963
Dalmally Railway Station

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