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Family Slide night at RAF Seletar

This is a colour slide of a family or group of friends sitting down and preparing to spend the evening looking at some projected slides.

I believe this is in the interior of the servicemen’s quarters at the RAF Seletar base in Singapore, and that the group here are RAF personnel. It’s interesting to see that the projector looks like a Rollie medium format projector since the slides I have (including the one that provided this image) are all 127 medium format slides.

Looking around there is a distinctly 1960s look to the room with the interlocking square shelves, the highly patterned colourful carpet and the armchairs with wooden legs which extend up to also create the arms, but the item which caught my eye is on the smaller of the two tables. There is an item that looks like a butter dish, but on closer inspection it is an ashtray with the words “Framroz’s Aeriated Waters” written on it. A bit of research led to me discovering that this was the name of a company founded in Singapore which made Aeriated (fizzy) water and were famous enough to have other items emblazoned with their name. A bit like buying a sweat shirt with ‘Coca Cola’ on these days I guess.

Slide night

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