Film Night in America c1955

This Ektachrome slide shows a man relaxing in a chair with a projection screen set up and therefore probably about to watch either movie films or a slide show. Also shown in the corner of the room is a TV set with a masked off screen which looks very much like an American model. I think therefore this is a picture of a family in the US about to spend the evening watching the results of their photographic hobby.

Unfortunately this image was very poorly exposed so the colour balance is completely off. This could be because a flash was used and it didn’t fire, or there simply wasn’t enough light to take a successful picture. Either way I couldn’t successfully recover the correct colours in Lightroom.

The Date of this picture is unknown but the general look of the room furnishings and the TV in particular would suggest 1950s to me.

Photo categories : Portrait|Residential PropertyDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Film Night

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