What are Challenges?

Challenges are a new feature that I’ve just added to the Found-Film site. They are basically an opportunity for any visitor to hone their detective skills and try to identify objects and locations from photos uploaded to Found-Film.

The way it works is like this. There is a new menu entry called Challenges, and when you select this option you will find two pages, this page which explains how they work, and another page which will list any challenges currently running.

Once you’ve read this page, if you select the other one you will find a page of photos displayed – choose one of these pages and you will see a standard found-film picture but with some questions – normally asking for identification or location. The picture is a bit different from the standard 1000 px image because it has been scanned at higher resolution and has a magnifier built in – if you move the mouse cursor over the image you can see a more detailed image in that area. The idea of the challenge is to use your detective skills and use the clues in the picture to find the answers.

If you can answer the questions – you can find the location or the name of the main object, perhaps a church or a make of car –  just send a comment with a google maps URL or a link to a named picture which shows identification and you will have won the challenge.

The images which become challenges are generally ones where I think there is a good chance people can find the answers, but just because a challenge has been set doesn’t mean I know the answer or even that it’s possible to find the answer. Also, keep in mind there isn’t a prize for this – it’s just a bit of fun – but if it proves to be popular I might publish a list of top winners each month. Oh and by the way, if you can’t answer the challenge why not share it with your friends to see if they know?