Couple at the seaside

A couple pose at the seaside – possibly mid 1950s

A picture of a couple, posing in bathing suits whilst standing at the foot of some cliffs, in what I assume is a seaside location.Read More

Building muscles

Girl in bikini building muscles on the beach, late 1950s

A girl in a bikini is laughing as she tries out what used to be called a ‘chest expander’ on a concrete beach at theRead More

Woman on beach in sunglasses

Woman in sunglasses on sea wall

A woman in swim wear and sunglasses at the seaside. The woman seems to be standing on the top of a wall – possibly aRead More

Woman sunbathing in a deckchair on a beach

Woman sunbathing in a deckchair on a beach

A woman relaxing in a deck chair in the sun with a cigarette. There is another deckchair next to her, so presumably, her companion isRead More

Woman sunbathing

Woman sunbathing at the foot of a cliff

A picture of a young woman laying on a towel at the bottom of some cliffs and sunbathing. Unfortunately, age has had a very detrimentalRead More

Two girls on a beach

Two girls on a beach

A picture of two young girls on a beach at the bottom of a cliff. To the right of them is a cardboard box whichRead More

Girl in deckchair

Girl in deckchair

A picture of a girl relaxing in a deckchair on a beach – or at least I suppose near a beach. The slide has fadedRead More

Another Beach scene

Distracted girl in a bikini on a beach towel

A picture of a girl, smoking a cigarette whilst sitting on a towel on a beach whilst surrounded by other people. Although I have describedRead More

Woman posing in beach

Woman posing on beach

A young lady posing on a towel or blanket on a ‘concrete’ beach. Next to her is a large handbag and what seems to beRead More

Girl in bikini on beach

Girl in bikini on beach

A rather faded and marked colour slide of a girl in a bikini sunbathing on a beach surrounded by a group of friends or familyRead More

Girl in pose

Girl in bikini posing on some rocks

A young woman, in a Bikini striking a pose whilst standing on some rocks on a beach. The swim suit suggests this was probably takenRead More