The Park keeper, Switzerland late 1950s

The Park keeper, Switzerland late 1950s

This is a study of a park keeper or gardener pushing a barrow of cuttings along a road in Switzerland near one of the lakes.Read More

A Church framed by Trees

A Church framed by Trees

A rather nicely composed picture of a church framed by trees on a sunny day. In the centre of the picture at the bottom isRead More

Gardening in our new homeMedium format negatives -

Gardening in our new home

I’ve called this picture ‘Gardening in our new home’ because that is the impression I got from looking at the picture. It seems to meRead More

Medium format negatives - Don't hit me with that spade!

Don’t hit me with that spade!

A (hopefully) comical picture of two people in a garden with one pretending to hit the other with a garden spade! I don’t know theRead More

Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire, Oct 1978

Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire, Oct 1978

A picture of Sudbury Hall in Derbyshire taken in October 1978. This picture shows the hall from the back of the building, and we canRead More

Garden Party at large house

Garden Party at large house c1960

A picture of a garden party in a big house taken in the 1960s. There seem to be a lot of people attending this event,Read More

Portrait of a woman on a bench

Portrait of a woman on a bench in about 1960

A portrait of a woman sitting on a bench taken sometime in the early 1960s. I don’t know the exact location of this picture, butRead More

Credit Lyonnais Bank Monte Carlo

Credit Lyonnais Bank in Monte Carlo around 1960

I believe this is a picture of Monte-Carlo in France taken in about 1960. The first thing I focused on in this picture after I’dRead More

Couple by a garden in Lucerne, Switzerland in about 1961

Couple by a garden in Lucerne c1961

This slide shows a couple standing next to a garden in Lucerne in Switzerland and dates sometime from the early 1960s. I believe this coupleRead More

Woman sitting in her front porch at RAF Seletar

Woman sitting in front porch at Seletar

A picture of a woman sitting in a chair on the front porch of her home at RAF Seletar which was taken sometime in theRead More

Woman in Singapore

Woman in a Singapore garden in the mid 1960s

A portrait of a woman standing in a garden in Singapore, taken by an officer stationed at the RAF base ( RAF Seletar) on theRead More

Stirling Castle gardens

Stirling Castle gardens 1967

This shows a rather dirty picture of the garden at Stirling Castle in 1967 which was taken on Kodak film by a keen amateur photographer.Read More

The Gardens at Stirling Castle

The Gardens at Stirling Castle

One of the well maintained gardens at Stirling Castle in Scotland, as it looked in 1967. This  picture was taken on Kodak Kodachrome colour slide filmRead More

Three women look out from Stirling Castle

Three women look out from Stirling Castle 1967

Three women who are standing in the garden of Stirling Castle, look out to the surrounding countryside over a low stone wall. Although I don’t knowRead More

Two women in their garden in Singapore

Two women in their garden in Singapore, early 1960s

A picture of two women standing in a garden together surrounded by palm trees and with a house or flat behind them. The older womanRead More

Who wants to play badminton

Who wants to play Badminton?

A woman in the garden of one of the staff houses in RAF Seletar in Singapore. She is dressed in whites and is holding aRead More


Kromeriz in the Czech Republic in September 1993

This Kodachrome slide shows the gardens at the Bishops Palace at  Komeriz in the Czech Republic and was taken in September 1993. At the backRead More

Portrait of Lady

Portrait of an older Lady – Oct 1969

This is a portrait of a woman taken in a garden somewhere on Kodachrome film in October 1969. This looks like a posed shot ofRead More

Chartwell House

Chartwell, Winston Churchill’s home in April 1971

A picture of the gardens and house at Chartwell, Winston Churchill’s home, taken on Kodachrome instamatic film in April 1971. The picture shows the sideRead More

Pet dog

Photo of a pet dog taken in July 1972

A picture of a family pet, taken in July 1972 on Kodachrome. The dog’s name, apparently, was Currie. Photo categories : Animal|GardenDate Picture Taken: 01Read More

Stately home garden

Stately home garden – Sept 1961

A formal walled garden in a stately home somewhere. Taken on Ilfachrome colour slide film in September 1961 Photo category : GardenDate Picture Taken: 01Read More

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter in Cactus garden in September 1981

A mother and daughter picture taken in a garden of cacti somewhere. Don’t know the location, but the picture was taken on Ektachrome film inRead More

Raglan House

A Stately home called Raglan House, June 1975

This is a slide which is marked ‘Raglan House’, but an image search on google fails to find it – I wonder if the photographerRead More

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage – June 1975

A picture of Anne Hathaway’s Cottage taken in June 1975 on Kodachrome film. Although it looks a reasonably clear picture, when you look closer youRead More

Family at rest

Family eating an Ice-Cream on the side of a road

A man with his two daughters (I assume) stopped at the side of a road eating an ice cream. The location looks like a publicRead More

Laying in the Garden

Woman lying in a Garden in the Sun.

There is a saying ‘A picture paints a thousand words’, but when I first saw this image I just saw a photo of a coupleRead More

A spot of gardening

A spot of gardening at an impressive house – Sept 1971

This picture shows a group of people, presumably a family, working in the garden of a rather impressive country house. This is one of thoseRead More

Caterham, Surrey

Caterham, Surrey – October 1972

This seems to be a picture of someone’s back garden in Caterham in Surry, taken in October 1972. Photo categories : Garden|Residential PropertyDate Picture Taken:Read More

Winter Garden

Winter Garden in the snow

A picture of a garden covered in snow. I don’t know when this picture was taken or with what camera, but I’ve noticed that severalRead More

Chelsea flower show - 1964

Chelsea flower show garden of 1964

A picture of one of the gardens in the Chelsea Flower Show of 1964 taken on Kodachrome film. Photo category : GardenDate Picture Taken: Unknown TheRead More

Motor bike from the 1920s

A Motor bike from the 1920s

A picture of someone’s motor bike, parked in their garden and probably taken over 90 years ago in the 1920s. Photo categories : Cycle orRead More

School photo - August 1927

Black & white school group photo from August 1927

A group photo which is probably of a school class, taken in a garden under a tree in August 1927. Behind the group, you canRead More

Family group

Three womin and a child in a family group from the 1920s

A group of three women and a child sitting in a group on a lawn taken sometime in the 1920s. Photo categories : Family orRead More

Woman in a garden

Posed picture of a woman in a public garden

Portrait of a lady in a garden in an obviously posed position. Although I don’t know the date of this picture I would think itRead More

Worthing Marine Gardens

Playing Bowls at Worthing Marine Gardens – August 1972

A picture of some people playing lawn bowls in the Marine Gardens at Worthing, Sussex. This picture was taken on Kodachrome film in August 1972Read More

Church at East Bergholt, Suffolk

Church at East Bergholt, Suffolk, October 1968

A picture of the end-wall and gatehouse of the church at East Bergholt in Suffolk. This picture was taken on Kodachrome film in October 1968Read More

Mowing the path

Mowing a path in a Singapore garden or plantation in the early 1960s

A man with a push along mower who is mowing a path next to a garden or plantation in Singapore. Next to the path heRead More

Man in garden at RAF Seletar

A Man in his garden at the RAF Seletar base in the early 1960s

A 127 medium format colour slide of a man standing in his garden. This was taken by a serving RAF serviceman stationed at RAF Seletar,Read More

Old water clock villa borghese Rome

Old Water Clock at Villa Borghese, Rome

A picture which is simply annotated with the words ‘Old Clock – Rome’, but an internet search reveals this is a water clock in theRead More

Pushkin gardens

Pushkin gardens

This is another slide which simply has the word ‘Pushkin’ written on it and shows the garden. Photo category : GardenDate Picture Taken: Unknown ThisRead More

Portrait of woman in garden

Portrait of woman in garden

A portrait of a lady in a garden next to a fish pond. The inscription on the side of the slide says, ‘The Lady ofRead More

Roman fountains at St Petersburg

Roman fountains at St Petersburg

These are the roman fountains in St. Petersburg – known as the Peterhof Fountains Photo category : GardenDate Picture Taken: 04 Jun 1996 [crp]

Battersea Park sculpture

Battersea park sculpture exhibition – 1960

This picture shows one of the exhibits from the Battersea Park Sculpture exhibition of 1960 and was taken by a visitor to that event. PhotoRead More

Gathering Tulips

Gathering Tulips

I picture of someone gathering tulips – I suspect in Holland. Precise location and date unknown, although the slide is a red border Kodachrome whichRead More

Colourful flower bed

Colourful flower bed

A rather colourful flower bed. The only information written on the slide mount is ‘Garden view to old town’ but I’ve no more information asRead More

Family in garden

Family in garden

The family featured in other pictures today are here shown in the garden of their house. Was this picture taken to use up the lastRead More

Kursaal Interlaken

Kursaal Gardens, Interlaken

These are the gardens at Kursaal in Interlaken, Switzerland. I don’t know the data, but the slide mount is an old Agfacolor cardboard mount, soRead More

Helping in the garden

Helping in the garden

A young woman lifting a wheel barrow full of earth in the garden – presumably a large building project was going on. Photo categories :Read More

Jim in the garden - 1958

Jim in the garden – 1958

All I can say about his picture is that the man in it is called Jim, he is obviously doing some gardening, that the dateRead More

A family in the garden

A family in the garden

This seems to show a family group in the garden of their house, or possibly on holiday somewhere. The date isn’t marked on the slideRead More