Burberrys store in Copenhagen mid 1950s

Burberrys store in Copenhagen mid 1950s

This is a picture of Copenhagen in Denmark and specifically the Burberrys Store in that City.

Much of the architecture of the city, as shown in this picture, still seems to exist in the modern images of the same spot on google street view. I think the actual building which housed the Burberrys store is now used for another purpose, but the store is located in the same vicinity, just moved up the street a little. The street layout has changed however, with this whole square now being pedestrianised.

The car in the foreground and the fashions warn by the people walking along the street give a clue as to the date this picture was taken. I would guess probably the mid to late 1950s.

The image was taken on Agfa Dia film, at least that is what is written on the slide mount although a bit of research suggests that Dia was a black and white copy film, so I’m not certain if there were different versions of the film. Until I learn otherwise I’ll assume the label on the mount is correct.


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Burberrys store in Copenhagen mid 1950s

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