Amsterdam in the 1950s

Amsterdam in the 1950s

I believe this is a picture of Amsterdam in the 1950s which was taken on Kodak colour slide film by a good amateur photographer using medium format film. The houses shown seem to be similar to traditional Amsterdam water side houses, although I can’t find the exact location on google street view. If anyone knows the precise location please let me know in a comment.

Photo categories : Car|Residential Property|RiverDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Amsterdam in the 1950s

The Location of this picture is shown below

2 Thoughts to “Amsterdam in the 1950s”

  1. Roy Gardiner

    Yes, that is a very classy photograph. There is marvellous and interesting detail in the architecture and vehicles.

    I note, too, that it is in very good cosmetic condition. There is no dust, hairs or fibres to be seen.

    1. simon

      Hi Roy – I must admit I took that slide out of the frame and cleaned it prior to scanning. The whole series of slides are in very good condition, but the glass is quite grubby so I’ve been putting the glass and plastic mounts in an ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning the slides themselves with a lint free cloth. Most of them are coming out looking as good as new!

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