Portrait of a young woman at Kenilworth Castle

Portrait at Kenilworth Castle

This is a portrait of a young woman sitting on a low wall with the out of focus tower of a castle in the background which I believe is Kenilworth Castle. Admittedly, I can’t be sure it is Kenilworth, but since one of the Challenge photos was identified yesterday, and this picture was in the same box, I’m reasonably certain.

I would guess that his picture was taken sometime in the 1950s judging by the hairstyle the woman has, and the clothes she is wearing.

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Portrait at Kenilworth Castle

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  1. Dear Simon,Your photo of the 50,s girl was taken at WARWICK CASTLE near Kenilworth so you were close the btower in the background is GUY,S a local folk hero and widely known to be King Arthur [see Atherstone] ARTHURSTONE. Yours Geoff Hunter.

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