A modern Church – is this Germany?

This picture shows a crowd of people walking alongside a river with a modern looking church in the background. It was in a set of slides which were listed as ‘slides from Germany’ but I don’t know if that is accurate. Can you identify the church and from that the location?

Update: Philip Hanvey found the location of this church in the comment below.

Hi, this photo is mirrored. This church is Sint Martinsuskerk in Cuijk, Netherlands. I’ve been looking for this for a while since seeing it on here and it randomly turned up on my computer screen at work and I instantly recognised it as this slide.

I’ve reversed the photo but the found-film.co.uk copyright message is now backwards! I’ll try to find the original slide and re-scan it.


This photo was originally a challenge which was won by Philip Hanvey, see the comments below.

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A modern Church - is this Germany?

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