Karajan Platz in Salzburg, Austria

Karajan Platz in Salzburg, Austria

This is a picture of Karajan platz in the city of Salzburg in Austria. It was, apparently, the place where the horses in the prince-archbishops’ stables were washed and groomed. The date is unknown, but other pictures in the collection with it suggest possibly the 1960s or 1970s.

This photo was originally a challenge which was won by Bruce, see the comments below.

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Karajan Platz in Salzburg, Austria

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2 Thoughts to “Karajan Platz in Salzburg, Austria”

  1. Bruce

    Karajanplatz, Salzburg, Austria.

  2. hans

    at this time the place was called “Sigmundsplatz”, but was changed in 1991 into “Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz”, named after the famous conductor (who´s sometimes nicknamed the double-N..a..z.i).
    pic is too small, but depending on who´s the guy on the advert-stand (my guess is either Waldheim or Haslauer) i could date the pic rather precisely, as i suppose it was before an election.

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