Great Pulteney Street Bath in October 1975

Great Pulteney Street Bath, 1975

A picture of Great Pulteney Street in Bath taken in October 1975 from the junction with Henrietta Street where the fountain is built into the roundabout. In the picture, there is a house with scaffolding on the left hand row of houses, and interestingly, in the modern Street view picture there is also scaffolding covering the same houses – hopefully not from the same work!

This picture was taken by the same photographer who took photographs in Dubrovnik and York and this picture exhibits the same fuzziness in the bottom left-hand corner so I’m beginning to think this is a lens aberration rather than camera shake. This picture would almost certainly have been taken at a high shutter speed, and anyway the rest of the photo is clear so I think that is the cause.

Photo categories : Car|Residential PropertyDate Picture Taken: 01 Oct 1975
Great Pulteney Street Bath, 1975

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