St William’s College York in 1975

St William's College York in 1975

A picture of the building of St William’s College in York taken in 1975.

This building is very close to the Minster at York, and the corner of that building is shown at the left of this picture, with the Chapter house in the background (with scaffolding around). The actual building of St William’s College is the typically Tudor building running down the street.

Unfortunately, as with other photographs by this photographer, there is a small amount of camera shake which somewhat spoils the picture – I wonder if they only ever viewed their pictures on a handheld viewer rather than projecting them? On a viewer, the shake would not be seen, but when projected it would be obvious and they would have learnt to use a different technique. Anyway, it’s interesting historically in not photographically perfect.

Just as an aside, when we visited York Minster a couple of years ago there was scaffolding over part of the building – it seems an almost permanent feature!

Photo categories : Car|Church|Public BuildingDate Picture Taken: 01 Oct 1975
St William's College York in 1975

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