Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw in the 1960s

A picture of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland probably taken in the 1960s.

This picture is somewhat spoilt by the fact that the top of the building has been cropped from the image, but it is still interesting to see the everyday bustle of people, cars and trams in the centre of Warsaw in the 1960s. The location was relatively easy to find once I’d guessed that the city was Warsaw, which I did based on other pictures in the series – a quick search on google for ‘tall towers in Warsaw’ quickly found several images and from there it was simple.

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One thought on “Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw in the 1960s

  1. I visited Warsaw in the summer of 1968 so it’s great to see this image… my Polish friends were not to keen on this ‘present’ from Stalin and it was often the source of jokes. Looks like a Wedding Cake…

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