Edith Cavell statue and war memorial, St Martins Place London

Edith Cavell Statue St Martins Place London

A picture of the Edithe Cavell statue in St Martins Place in London taken in the 1960s or 1970s.

At first, I couldn’t find this location because the writing on the base of the statue is too blurred to properly see, but with a lot of cleaning up, I eventually found that there is a date written on the base – 12 October 1915. From that, it was relatively easy to discover that this is the statue of Edith Cavell which stands in London. There appears to be a large pile of earth in front of the statue, so I guess some work was taking place when the photograph was taken, which, buy the cars in the picture I assume to be between 1965 and 1975?

The building shown behind the memorial is the National Westminster bank, although, in the modern picture of his location in google street view, it is now a Prezzo pizza restaurant.


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Edith Cavell Statue St Martins Place London

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