Man sunbathing and writing on Rocks early 1960s

Man sunbathing and writing on Rocks

A holiday portrait of a man sunbathing on a rocky path between two areas of sea, whilst also making notes on a notepad.

This was taken in the early 1960s but I don’t know the precise location. There is a British flag flying at the end of the constructed rocky path he is sitting on, so I don’t know if this is in Britain, or possibly some British dependency. Next to the man is another towel and handbag, shoes and a hat, so I suspect his companion is taking the picture, but not with the man’s camera, which is being used to support the notepad he is writing on. Perhaps, he is a keen photographer and is writing down the exposure information for her?

Update: Another picture in this series has allowed me to pin-point the location to the north of Italy. The Hotel, shown in the distance is the Hotel Mayola.

Photo categories : Beach|Holiday|PortraitDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Man sunbathing and writing on Rocks

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