The Climber’s Hut at Joch Pass (Engelburg) in 1962

A picture of a climber’s hut at the Joch Pass in Switzerland taken in about 1962.

The hut is of wooden construction and has a balcony looking out over a small lake. On the other side of the hut, it looks as if there are clouds below the ground level, so I assume the hut is built on the edge of a mountain with views of the valley below.

Standing on the balcony are a group of people, with others sitting at tables, and there is writing on a notice on the side of the building and on a banner along the balcony rail. Unfortunately, even with high-resolution scans, it isn’t possible to see what is written there.

Although this picture is in good condition, the mount it was in had deteriorated into a sticky mess and a lot of dirt has permeated into the slide. I need to decide if the mount is worth keeping or if I would be better off re-mounting the images in modern slide mounts.

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1960 - 1969

The Climber's Hut at Joch Pass (Engelburg) in 1962

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