A shopping arcade in Morcote, Lugano in about 1962

This is a picture of the interior of a shopping arcade in Morcote, Switzerland taken in about 1962.

It shows a variety of items which I suppose would be called ‘tourist ware’, items made just for holiday makers to buy and take home as a souvenir of their trip. There seem to be lots of copperware on one side of the shop and hats, beads and belts on the other, but I guess there was a variety of items.

Through the back of the shop is a group of people show have walked through, and a shop keeper is watching them as they pass along. The way the daylight strikes the floor at the front of the picture and the shape of the archways and the corridor effect of the shop, makes me think this is possibly not a ‘shop’ in the conventional sense, but in effect, a stall set up along the pathway. I wonder if this is an interior shot of this arcade?

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House or Building Interior
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1960 - 1969

A shopping arcade in Morcote, Lugano in about 1962

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