A Picture of a Bride in August 1955

A Bride in August 1955

A portrait of a bride on her wedding day, sitting outside a house in Coldwater, Michigan in August 1955.

This picture is one of the oldest slides in my collection which has a known date. Although many Kodachrome slides are printed with a development date on the mount, this one has written on it, ‘Mrs R. J. Herman, Coldwater, Aug 1955’.

As is normal with Kodachrome, the 60 odd years which have passed since this picture was taken have had little effect on the quality of the picture. The colours are still bright and the definition and detail remarkable. It’s unfortunate that there are some dust spots which have escaped my (admittedly cursory) cleaning regime before I scanned it, but I expect that a proper full clean would restore this image to its former glory.

Photo category : PortraitDate Picture Taken: 01 Aug 1955
A Bride in August 1955

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