A day camping with the family

A day camping with the family

A picture of a family or group of friends camping, with quite a lot of smoke from the camp fire.

On first inspection, it seems as if this is a normal camping scene with a kettle boiling and the fire under it producing smoke, but on a closer look, I can see there are actually two fires burning. There is the fire under the kettle, and then another fire is burning behind the tent. You can make out a chimney which is billowing smoke and what looks like a boiler underneath it.  I wonder if I’ve misinterpreted this picture, and it’s not a camping trip but something completely different. The ‘tent’ for example doesn’t have a back to it – it’s just a shelter from any rain that may fall.

Anyone who can suggest what this might be please let me know in the comments below.


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A day camping with the family

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  1. That looks like a kitchen tent, specifically for cooking in – familiar to those of us who camped with the scouts in the late 70s.

    The chimney is from a homemade water boiler (for heating washing water rather than for making tea) fired by wood. Again familiar to 70s scouts.

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