Woman with an Austin car c1967

Woman with an Austin car c1967

A picture taken in the early morning of a woman next to her car.

The registration number of the car is the biggest clue as to the date of this picture – the B registration letter was introduced in 1964 so that is the earliest this picture could have been taken. However, on the radiator grill is a square AA badge and a bit of research suggests this style was introduced in 1967 so the date is probably post 1967. The car itself is an Austin model – possibly an 1100?

I’m assuming that since the woman is smartly dressed, and this picture seems to have been taken early in the morning, that this is a record of the start of an important trip somewhere – possibly a holiday or a business trip?

The location is pretty difficult to pin down – obviously in the UK but I couldn’t get more accurate than that.

The slide itself is a bit dirty but otherwise is in good condition with the colours and definition well retained.

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Woman with an Austin car c1967


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