A portrait of a man sitting on the edge of a boat moored on grass by the edge of the sea.

This picture was taken at the same location as another couple of pictures I’ve added to found film in the last day or so and they are linked as a series below. Although it is impossible to know for sure, I would assume that this man is the father or uncle of the boy pictured sitting on a red boat – possibly this picture is being taken by the boy?

The slide was taken on Ektachrome film and has retained its colour and definition quite well – something that not all E6 process slides always do.

Photo categories : Beach|Boat|PortraitDate Picture Taken: Unknown
A man sitting on a boat on a beach

This photo features in a series. Click any picture below to see it.
  • A boy sitting on a dingy on a beach
  • A man rowing a dingy close to the beach
  • A man sitting on a boat on a beach

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