Garden Party at large house c1960

A picture of a garden party in a big house taken in the 1960s.

There seem to be a lot of people attending this event, which was taken on medium format, colour slide film. The house is very impressive but I don’t know if this is a private event at a person’s house, or if this is a public building and a public event – the sign in the bottom corner, which says, ‘Contributions for Car Park’ suggest, however, this may be a public event.

It is interesting to see how people’s clothing has changed in the 60 or so years since this picture was taken. In the picture, everyone is very formally dressed with most of the women wearing hats and the men in suits or jacket and tie. If the same event were held today, most people would be in casual dress, and it would probably be impossible to spot a hat anywhere.

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Garden Party at large house

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