Shopping Arcades in Lugano 1961

Shopping Arcades in Lugano, Switzerland 1961

A picture of shopping arcades in Lugano, Switzerland taken in about 1961.

This slide has written on it the name of the town, Lugano, so I know the general location, but I haven’t yet been able to find the precise street where the photographer stood. The scene is a typical shopping picture, with people sitting in the cafe on the left of the picture and walking around the individual shops. I think the thing which I find most interesting is on the right of the picture, just below the

I think the thing which I find most interesting is on the right of the picture, just below the center. Just below the sigh which reads ‘Parrucchiere’ (Italian for hairdresser) is a man sitting in a wheelchair which is pulled by his dog. I’ve seen horse drawn buggies and also donkey drawn transport, but I’ve never seen a buggy pulled by a dog before – and the dog actually looks quite small as well.

The date of this picture is about 1961 based on dates of other slides in the set.

Photo categories : Commercial Property|Town or CityDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Shopping Arcades in Lugano, Switzerland 1961

The Location of this picture is shown below

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