Loading fish on the Jetty at Ullapool – 1967

A picture of fish being loaded on the jetty at Ullapool in 1967.

This is another picture in the series of Kodachrome slides I acquired which were all taken by a keen amateur photographer in Scotland during 1967. It shows fish being loaded onto lorries on the jetty in Ullapool harbour on a cloudy day, with seagulls circling around trying to pick up scraps. As well as men working on one of the lorries, I can see there is a crane on the extreme right of the picture, which suggests that crates of boxes of fish would be lifted in one go to load onto lorries for transport to other parts of the country.

In the foreground of the picture, where the gulls are standing on the sea wall, there are puddles, so I guess it had been raining on the day this picture was taken.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact date the picture was taken – the box with the complete collection in just says, ‘Scotland – 1967’ on it.

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Loading fish on the Jetty at Ullapool - 1967

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