Boats and lorries at Ullapool Harbour in 1967

A picture of boats and lorries at the harbour in Ullapool in 1967.

This picture was taken by a keen amateur photographer in 1967 and as well as showing the lorries loaded with fish boxes and the dinghies on the shoreline, it’s also possible to make out the Beaforth Inn in the background, and the Caledonian Fishselling and Marine stores building next to it. On the right-hand edge of the picture are a collection of sheds and huts, and these mark the point the photographer stood to take another picture on Found-Film of the shoreline at Ullapool.

This picture is a bit dirty and the Kodachrome slide could probably benefit from a clean, which would also remove the slight problem of the Newton Rings shown in the sky on this picture.

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1960 - 1969

Boats and lorries at Ullapool Harbour in 1967

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