The Eiffel tower in Paris in about 1960

A picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris which was taken in about 1960.

This must be one of the easiest photos I’ve ever had to find the location of on Found-Film – there are a few dozen structures in the world where anyone could tell you exactly where it is, and the Eiffel Tower is probably top of that list.

When I looked in more detail at this picture I found a couple of interesting things; first is the group of two people in the foreground. There are an older woman and a young child and when I zoom in the child is holding something and the woman has her hand raised. I can’t make my mind up if she is about to knock the item out of the child’s hand in disgust, or if she has raised her hands in surprise. Since the picture isn’t sharp enough to make out exactly what the child is holding, I guess I’ll never be able to solve that mystery.

The second thing which is interesting is the two chairs which have been placed facing away from the tower behind the woman and child. I wonder what they were for – was the couple supposed to be posing with the tower in the background and the child ran off? Again, we shall never know.

This slide is a bit poorer quality than the other glass mounted medium format slides in the box. There seems to have been some damage to the picture at the very bottom and the colour is not a bright, although the day is obviously dull and grey.

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Work of Art
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1960 - 1969

The Eiffel tower in Paris in about 1960

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