The Hotel Carina at Morcote in Switzerland c1961

This is a picture of the Hotel Carina on the shore of Lake Lugano in the town of Morcote Switzerland in about 1961.

I found the location of this picture by carrying out a google search for the word ‘Carina’ without much hope of finding anything, but luckily discovered that the hotel or restaurant has survived into the modern day and looks very similar to it’s appearance in 1961. This enabled me to pin down the location with a fair degree of accuracy.

The picture shows a beautiful day in what I would assume is Summer, with only a couple of people walking along the road by the edge of the lake. There are a few cars parked in the picture, at least two of which are VW Beetle models – that’s a car that has survived the years well. The wooden structure shown on the left hand side of the picture is, I believe, an additional restaurant for the hotel and is still shown in the modern day picture – it must be very nice sitting out on the lake eating dinner.

I’ve set the date of this picture as 1961 based on others in the series.

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1960 - 1969

The Hotel Carina at Morcote in Switzerland c1961

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