Lowengraben in Lucerne Switzerland about 1961

A picture of the street called Lowengraben in Lucern, Switzerland taken in about 1961.

This Kodachrome slide of the street of Lowengraben just where it joins Grabenstrasse, was marked as ‘Old Town, Lucerne’ on the slide mount, but fortunately, on the properly shown in the centre of the picture, there is a street name sign which made it easy to find the exact location. Although the street has changed quite a bit in the intervening 55 years, the general shape of the buildings can clearly be seen in the modern google street view image.

Once again, there are a couple of VW Beetle cars in this picture – I’m beginning to think that that model must have been the most popular car in Switzerland in the early 1960s!

This is another slide which doesn’t have a date printed on, but I’m happy that it is around the same time as the others in the Switzerland set here on Found-Film.

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1960 - 1969

Lowengraben in Lucerne Switzerland about 1961

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