A parade in Altdorf, Switzerland about 1960

A parade in Altdorf about 1960

This picture shows a view of the town of Altdorf in Switzerland during a public parade of some sort in the early 1960s.

As with the other picture of Altdorf, this was taken on 120, medium format, colour slide film which has produced great image quality only slightly marred by a few spots of dirt on the film. It shows a parade of some sort taking place along the street, involving what seems to be mostly (or even all) men, with the man at the front wearing a yellow cape and seemingly carrying a staff of some sort. It’s a little bit unfortunate that the photographer was a little bit far away to see many details of this parade – possibly they weren’t really taking a picture of that, just the view.

The date is probably around about the end of the 1950s or the start of the 1960s, based on this and other pictures in this little series.

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A parade in Altdorf about 1960

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